According to the latest reports [filed on 10/15/20], here is where the candidates stand:

CASH ON HAND [as of 9/30]:

GOROFF $1,007,511
ZELDIN $2,772,356

NOTES: Goroff’s total includes $1,155,600 from candidate’s personal loans and contributions to campaign.
Goroff’s total also includes a Lobby Bundled Contribution of $87,558.
Zeldin’s report shows no candidate personal loans or contributions to campaign.

To learn more about the campaigns of Nancy Goroff and Lee Zeldin, click on their names.

One thought on “CD-1 FINANCIAL REPORT

  • October 19, 2020 at 3:54 pm

    Let me start by saying I’m a registered Republican… a registered Republican who rarely votes the straight party line. Let’s face it, sometimes the “other” candidate is just “better” at a certain time for a certain reason. For example, in 2010 and 2012 I voted for Tim Bishop because I believed Randy Aultschuler had purchased (not earned) his nomination. Bishop was better at that time.
    Since I like to stay informed and because I really didn’t know anything about her, I looked up Nancy Goroff via your link to her website. She’s obviously an extremely intelligent woman with an extremely prestigious job. I’m just not certain how doing one very specific job (teaching chemistry in an ivory tower setting) for an entire working career prepares you to best serve the multifaceted needs of the people you wish to represent. I think I was most troubled by the fact that she listed “labor” at #6 on her list of top 10 concerns. For crying out loud… she had criminal justice reform listed at #4 !!! I know we’re all deeply concerned about a lot of things right now like covid-19 and healthcare but having a good job goes a long way towards helping us manage those things. A good job = good health insurance = a little peace of mind too! I guess your concerns are different than those of the people you wish to represent when your personal financial position allows you to contribute $1,155,600 to your own campaign!
    Thanks for the information. I found it to be very helpful! (Used it to look up the other Guys too!)


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