CD-1 Primary Thoughts

CD-1 Primary on June 23 will determine Congressman Zeldin’s opponent in November.

Employing Primary Voter Characteristics to Optimize ‘M-E-T’

In this memo – ‘M-E-T’ stands for a Campaign’s only resources:


The focus should be on winning the Primary, while saving precious M-E-T for use in the General.

This can be achieved by leveraging the shared characteristics of Primary voters [distinguishing them from other registered voters.]

These shared differentiating characteristics of CD-1 Democratic Primary voters are:

  • Scarcity – It’s vital to create an accurate ‘Primary Voter Universe’ early. There is no greater waste of M-E-T than repeatedly contacting people who will not be voting. Amazingly, less than 15,000 people will determine the Democratic nominee for Congress in CD-1!
  • Ultra-Progressive/Partisan Activist/Anti-Zeldin and Trump – Primary voters [on both sides] constitute the ‘red meat crowd’. A common element among all D primary voters is their dislike of Zeldin and Trump – that is a given.

However…attacks on Zeldin/Trump will not differentiate you from your actual opponents [the other 2 Democratic candidates], as they will undoubtedly be making similar arguments vs. LZ.

Telling Democratic Primary Voters [the only people that currently matter], that you would be better than LZ is an inefficient use of your M-E-T – in their minds, any of you will be better than LZ.

It’s tempting to run your campaign vs. Zeldin/Trump…it’s easy low-hanging fruit. It’s lazy and lacks creativity. More importantly, it’s not the most efficient method.

The more effective Primary Message to Primary voters is one that focuses on why you are the better choice vs. your two Democratic opponents. After all, isn’t that why they are voting?

There will be plenty of time to focus on LZ/Trump in the General Election campaign, but you won’t get to that point without first winning the Primary.

And…That’s the Bottom-Line!


For more information about each of the three candidates in the CD-1 Democratic Primary, please click on their name.


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