Little noticed on Primary Night, with contested elections taking place for spots on the November ballot, was the cancellation of The Working Families Party Primary to designate their candidate in CD-1.

That spot on the ballot went uncontested, and was given to the party’s designee: Mr. Joshua Goldfein.

Even avid followers of Suffolk Politics were left scratching their heads asking, ‘Who is Joshua Goldfein?”

So, the ever-curious WORDMAN™ did a little research and here is what I found:

The Working Families Party candidate for CD-1 in eastern Long Island actually lives in Greene County in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, located 217 miles from Riverhead.

In the world of Suffolk Politics, Mr. Goldfein is what is known as a ‘Placeholder’. All political parties take advantage of this loophole in Election Law that only allows replacement of a nominated candidate before a date certain [if he declines], or under two other circumstances if it is after that date.

So…Get ready for Mr. Goldfein to either decline the nomination, or be nominated in an obscure judicial election upstate. Those are the only ways a candidate can legally be replaced on the November ballot, other than death.

WORDMAN™ predicts Nancy Goroff WILL be the Working Families Party candidate for NY CD-1 this November.

Bottom-Line: You can take that to the bank!


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