Jens-Smith vs. Schleisner in AD-2 Dem Primary

Here’s how Jens-Smith and Schleisner match up financially heading down the stretch:

Laura Jens-Smith – By transferring almost $18,000 from her Riverhead Supervisor’s account, and making a personal loan of $10,000 to her campaign, she was able to almost triple her revenues.

This allowed her to spend over $19,000 on her campaign, and still have a COH balance of over $19,000 heading into the last month, despite only raising $10,380 in contributions.

Will Schleisner – Raised $2,789 and spent $3,197. COH = minus $408! Not entirely sure how he did that [the only other person I can remember ever running a negative balance was Smithtown Republican Chairman Bill Ellis]. Guessing he probably added funds after this report’s deadline.

Bottom-Line Prediction: Follow the money. Jens-Smith: Easy.

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