Following the announced resignation of Legislator Rudy Sunderman [to become Deputy Director of the Suffolk County Fire Academy], SuffolkPolitics.com has learned that Kate Browning is planning to run for her former seat in the Suffolk Legislature.

Ms. Browning represented Suffolk’s Third Legislative District from January 2006 through January 2018, when she was required to step down because of term-limits.

Although the spirit of Suffolk’s term limits law was meant to keep Legislators from serving more than 12 years, the letter of the law says: 12 consecutive years.

Thus…Ms. Browning is legally allowed to run for this office.

But this question occurs to me:

Can all County Legislators remain in office for 36 out of 40 years just by ‘sitting out’ two years every twelve?

WORDMAN™ simply asks: Is that what the Legislators intended when they wrote this law in 1993?

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