Earning Votes vs. Discovering Votes
Squandering Precious ‘M-E-T’ on Analytics

Every year, an ever increasing amount of millions of dollars are spent by political campaigns on social media analytics to identify supporters.

Is this an efficient use of ‘M-E-T’ when it comes to winning elections?

To determine that answer, consider the obvious reason for electoral victory: winning more votes than your opponent.

I submit that not one vote is gained because someone responds, and thus identifies themselves as a supporter.

The reality: This major expense does not win any additional votes. These respondents are people, from whichever party, who have already made up their minds for the election.

They have not been swayed – just discovered!

A much more efficient use of all that money would be to target super-prime ‘Blank’ and ‘Independence Party‘ voters with an effective message that will actually earn their votes.

And…that’s The Bottom-Line!

For the purpose of this analysis, ‘M-E-T’ stands for a Campaign’s only resources:

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